Currently, WebSite SpellChecker only scans websites in English. We do however support international spelling variations, such as US/Canadian and Australian English and will adjust our scans accordingly.

It’s highly unlikely – unless you’ve actually misspelt them! Our scanning software creates an ignored words list, and unlike some other spell-checking services, all of our reports are manually checked and approved before sending them to the client. 

You should allow 24 hours after purchase to receive your report. Unlike other spell checking services, we have real people to quality check the reports we generate for you. If you haven’t received your report after this time, and you’ve checked your spam folder (just in case), please contact us on 01202 233232 or e-mail info@c3software.co.uk.

We quote up to 24 business hours.
If the order is placed during normal office hours, we try and turn it around within an hour or two. Business hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday (UK time)

Yes, each public page of your site is checked and included in the report. You explicitly know everything is good.

Yes. When you place the order with us, we will touch base with you to configure the schedule to run on your chosen date.

We have confidence it’s representative of the value the report provides. There is the processor and power that’s consumed to run the scan. A UK Based team member also reviews the results filtering any obvious names, technical terms, garbage etc. UK Wages are not cheap, nor are the taxes.  

We are sure If you get one of your staff members to check your entire site, we would be cost-effective.  

Just pop an email over to your representative or email your domain name to info@c3software.co.uk and we will check our systems, if it’s not already been issued then we will email you back the free secondary report.

Yes, you can either purchase a one-off scan, which will not affect the scheduled date.  You can also reach out to your representative requesting to change the date of the scheduled scan to cover the new website. We are flexible like that.

Yes, we prefer direct debit, it trusted and puts you in control.

Yes. we offer a discounted service for your to either pass on your customers or offer as an extra value-added service.  

To obtain your reseller discount code email us info@c3software.co.uk

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