Five Reasons Why You Need to Spell Correctly On Your Website

Five Reasons Why You Need to Spell Correctly On Your Website

Ensuring correct spelling throughout your online content is vital for any high-performing website. Let’s take a look at five reasons why it is so important to have perfect spelling on your website.

Great Spelling Says 'Professional'

The reality is that most people make quick judgments about your business based on what they see on your landing page. First impressions are important, and potential customers start making decisions the moment they arrive.

It might be the bargain yoga pants and free kale smoothies that initially bring online traffic your way, but it’s the trusty old undervalued perfect spelling that is going to keep visitors around and grow your audience.

When the spelling on your site is accurate, it makes the entire browsing experience more palatable for your audience, and you will improve your chances of keeping people on your page for longer and returning in the future.

Great spelling is a reflection of your general standard of work and your attitude towards your content. It sends a positive message to visitors, as it conveys professionalism and builds a trusting audience.

Great Spelling Boosts Your 'Credibility'

Discerning visitors to your website will equate good spelling with competence and trust. Perfect spelling will help boost your credibility as an ‘expert’ in your field, and visitors to your site will feel that you know what you are talking about if your content is accurate and appealing.

This is especially true if your audience is an ‘educated’ one. They will expect perfection, and will be highly critical of anyone purporting to be an ‘expert’ but presenting content that contains glaring spelling errors.

For example, how quickly would you leave this article about the importance of spelling if you noticed that I was using ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’ interchangeably and incorrectly?

Perfect Spelling Improves Your ‘SEO’ (Search Engine Optimisation)

Google and other search engines will actually reward your website for containing perfect spelling, deeming your content trustworthy, reliable and of value to the online community. Your site will start to rank higher in search results, making it easier for people to find your business and for you to stand out from competitors.

‘Google Ads’ Perform Better With Perfect Spelling

The same principles regarding SEO optimisation also apply to Google ads, another crucial tool in promoting your online content. The success of a Google ad is determined by the number of clicks that it attracts. If people are interested in your ad and are clicking on it to find out more, Google determines that it must be quality content, and will place your ad in high traffic areas.

People are far more likely to click on an ad that contains perfect spelling because the business comes across as trustworthy, professional and credible. You are assisting your advertising exposure by ensuring that your site has perfect spelling.

Excellent Spelling Shows ‘You Care’

The starting point for any professional looking website is to present perfect spelling throughout. Aside from all the other positives that come with accurate spelling, it shows your visitors and customers that you care about your brand and that you care enough about them to provide them with high-quality content.

If you can show your audience that you care, they are far more likely to feel a connection to you and listen to what you have to say. Taking the time to produce well-written, accurate content is all part of presenting yourself as knowledgeable, reliable, professional and emotionally invested in your business and your customers.


Clearly, having correct spelling on your website is an absolute priority for a successful, reliable and trustworthy online presence.

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