Website SpellChecker Example Report

Website SpellChecker Example Report

Website SpellChecker report cover
Website SpellChecker’s spell check report cover page

Once we’ve scanned your website, we’ll double-check the results and then produce a report for you that looks a bit like this one.

The cover page of the spell check report displays the domain name of the website that has been scanned and assessed.


Website SpellChecker Example Report page two
Preamble guide to interpreting the report and its contents

Page two provides an introduction to the report, the sections of the report and describes how the mistakes are presented.

This page of the spell check report displays the date the site was scanned and the total number of public-facing web pages that our spell check bot crawled and checked. It then shows the total number of spelling mistakes found during the scan, how many of them are visible on the web page and how many were hidden – meaning a screenshot should not be obtained.

For reference it displays the duration that was taken by the spell check bot and the time that was taken by our team to review and omit words is also displayed.

These omitted words are mistakenly gathered, such as people or product names, technical, legal or medical terms. If we suspect a word needs to be verified by you, we will leave it in the report. You can discuss this with your representative and have the word added to the omitted list for any future reports.

Website SpellChecker Example Report page three
Our Spellcheck report listing a new scanned page

Each page of your website is represented by a new page on the report.

Captured Elements

The report page is then broken up into the following sections.

The errors in view will be presented first, it will recursively show all the spelling mistakes found on the webpage where a screenshot of the error was obtained.

Each screenshot will contain the incorrect word in pink in the top left corner. The middle section displays the suggestions to correct it.

Sometimes multiple words can be highlighted in the screenshot and not all those words appear on the report individually. There is a chance we omitted the word to ensure your report is only highlighting relevant mistakes.

The errors not in view section shows where a spelling mistake occurs, but we are unable to capture a screenshot. We extract an excerpt of approximately 100 characters on either side of the word.

Website SpellChecker Example Report page four
Spell check report showing each section

As with the screenshots, each excerpt will contain the incorrect word in pink in the top left corner. The middle section showing the suggestions to correct the spelling mistake.

The line number is also given to assist in locating the mistake. (Note: The line number may be different if the web page is dynamically generated).

The metadata of the web page is also included, we scan and review the title, description and keyword. If a mistake is detected then the word is shown in pink under the meta tag name, the value of the tag is shown on the right-hand side of the table and the suggestions are listed underneath.

If no spelling mistakes where detected, the section will still be presented on the report and we explicitly inform you there were no errors. Along with a screenshot where a screenshot could be taken.