Website SpellChecker for Developers and Agencies

Website SpellChecker for Developers and Agencies

When working relentlessly behind the scenes on the fluidity, design, and usability of a website, you can be forgiven for outsourcing the time-consuming task of content creation to customers or trusted freelancers- after all that’s their speciality, yours is designing websites. 

Like clockwork, you’ve received the content as requested that you outsourced, given it a quick skim-read, and it has been approved by the client. You have copied it onto the site, and you’re about ready for the grand unveiling. The usual last-minute coding, linking, and display checks have been completed – time to publish the site and forward to your client.

Spelling mistakes cost millions in lost online sales
A BBC News report suggests misspellings put off consumers who could have concerns about a website’s credibility

The main problem that stems from outsourcing work is falling to the assumption that everyone shares the same care and attention to detail that you do. However, after a phone call with a somewhat disgruntled client, it turns out that, perhaps, something has been missed.

Although many positive remarks have been made on the speed of service, the usability, look, and design, a key attribute has been caught lacking. A part of the website building process that, unfortunately, you had very little input into. That’s right – the content has fallen some way short of the mark. 

Spelling mistakes equals 85% higher bounce rates
Website Planet’s conducted a study and found that the bounce rate on landing pages with bad spelling and grammar was over 85% higher than those that were correctly written and free of spelling errors

Unfortunately, the quick skim-read was not nearly sufficient enough to rid your website’s content of these annoying errors, typos, and grammatical flaws. Where does the blame lie- the content creator? It is all so easy to miss something when you have been looking at it for some time. The client who approved it? They approved it yes, but chances are they only skimmed it to ensure it sent out the correct message. Or is it you the person who added it to the site?

Although the paperwork has been completed and the site has been published, this still leaves a black mark on your professional portfolio, a dent in your credibility, and considerable doubt of your professionalism from prospective new clients.

Despite your heavy workload, there really is no excuse for disregarding those final pre-publishing content quality checks. As you’ve now discovered, the price you pay could be far greater than the hours or cash spent meticulously scanning for typos, plus we all want to deliver a top quality polished final product right? 

Of course, the hours it takes to meticulously check through content could be better spent elsewhere – that’s where we at Website SpellChecker come in. Our team fully understands the stresses of tight deadlines, the importance of time-keeping, and the need for effective quality assurance throughout your platform. In turn, that has led us to create the Website SpellChecker tool – a cutting-edge software that scans the content on your website in its entirety, highlighting any spelling mistakes and errors in both the content and meta tag data before presenting all findings in an easy-to-read report.  

Remember, before you go live. Stop! Check Spelling! Go!
Before you launch the site, get a one-off scan from Website SpellChecker to ensure your content is error free...

We at Website SpellChecker are looking to make simple spelling errors and typos a thing of the past. Whether your website is written in English, American, Canadian or Australian English.

With our affiliate scheme for web developers and agencies, we have made this both time and cost effective.

By scanning your clients sites with Website SpellChecker you can ensure their website is free from credibility-denting typos, while also freeing up time to focus on the more pressing tasks at hand. What makes us different from the other tools? Not only does our tool scan your site, one of our team reviews the report before releasing it.

It’s evident we are passionate about providing a complete service, and we relish the opportunity to help professionals succeed across various sectors. But please don’t take our word for it. Click here to view our latest testimonials and user reviews, so you can see just how successful our software has been for others.

Once you’ve had a quick look around our site, please feel free to contact our team regarding any queries you may have on the Website SpellChecker tool or to find out more about our affiliates scheme contact us at

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