Website SpellChecker for Business Owners

Website SpellChecker for Marketing Professionals

It’s the same old story; the annual meeting is around the corner, and you’ve been tasked with implementing changes to yet another site – as if you didn’t have enough on your plate already. Have you received the updated content from operations? Do internal links take users directly where they need to go? Are all sites optimised for mobile use?

With so many questions to confirm, it’s only human to prioritise larger tasks – you need these sites crisp, clean, and fluid after all. However, this approach can often lead companies to miss the bigger picture. Remember, the site is only one component of your presentation – a big part, granted, but the board will be looking at much more than how accessible these platforms are to market users.

Website SpellChecker to the rescue
Website SpellChecker is like an insurance policy, helping to protect your business reputation from the scourge of misspellings...

Consider the scene: the complete management team is sat in the boardroom, and your most recent site updates are visible to all. Positive comments have been made regarding the layout, the speech has been presented with no hiccups, and it’s time to review the complete workings of the site. 

However, as you begin to work your way through the key pointers of the landing page, looks of concern spread across your audience. A typo in the header is never a good start and, as you work your way further through the page, a glaringly obvious theme has become apparent to the board – minimal content quality checks have been performed

Poor spelling on websites scares 59% of your customers away
Source: Global Lingo polled 1,029 UK adults on their online purchasing and browsing habits and found that 59% would not use a company that had obvious grammatical or spelling mistakes on its website

On the face of it, spelling errors, grammatical flaws, and a lack of punctuation may seem like fairly minor faux pas. Be that as it may, the board now questions your credibility, not to mention potential readers, if your sites are already published.

Regardless of how fluid and user-friendly your site appears, a blatant disregard for content will leave viewers wondering if any other facets of the site, or team, are lacking. After all, basic errors are just that – basic, and should never have been able to enter the board room. The management team expected better, and in fairness, they deserved better too.

Any updates to your sites will be under great scrutiny going forward, as the board tries to determine whether this minor faux pas was a simple mistake or an unfortunate habit. With such a heavy workload and tight deadlines in mind, wouldn’t it be great to have a second pair of eyes to pick up these sorts of errors for you? A daily or weekly insurance policy to help keep your credibility intact? Well, fortunately, you may just be in luck.

Our team at Website SpellChecker fully understands what it takes to create an intuitive platform and the complexities any IT staff could encounter along the way. That’s why we have created the Website SpellChecker, a cutting-edge tool that removes any additional stresses relating to content, meaning you and your staff can focus your energy on the important things – like chasing operations for info on their latest classes or hounding HR for this month’s promotional offer!

How Website SpellChecker works step-by-step
Website SpellChecker takes care of the boring bit. We scan and report any spelling errors we find in your content. Our report tells you exactly where to find the errors, and what you should replace them with. Easy.

The Website SpellChecker tool analyses your website in its entirety, meticulously scanning for credibility-denting errors and issues. Once complete, all findings will be displayed in an easy-to-read report that highlights any discrepancies, allowing your editors to swiftly turn things around and continue boosting your Google ranking. 

We will even have one of our dedicated quality assessors review your report, ensuring no technical terms or industry jargon have been picked up – although we do provide our users with the option to include some keywords for our Website SpellChecker to ignore. 

As you can see, the whole process is clean and swift, with a full report completed and forwarded within one business day.

Packages to suit all kinds of content...

We have a range of options to suit depending on how frequently content is updated on your website